Friday, August 10, 2012

Results of Race 3 of Mid-Summer Series

Name------Place.-----Corr. Time

Spinnaker Fleet

Red Line ----------3-------44:37
Emeraude ---------4-------45:39
College Tuition-----1-------38:27
Blast Wave-------DNR------

Genoa  Fleet

Sea Dog-------------------DNF
Col. 26-2--------DNR-----------

Exciting evening of sailing. The winds and waves were equally strong, but the water was beautiful for swimming as I, the editor of this page found out on the second leg. EMERAUDE was running downwind nicely with sails to port. We dipped down into a troth of a pretty big wave and we were healing pretty good. EMERAUDE righted herself with enough force to throw me into the port lifeline. I was sitting just forward of the winch tending the jib sheet so it would not shake the rigging so hard when the jib flagged then filled from running down a wave. The righting action of the boat along with the filling of the jib combined to launch me into the upper lifeline which broke and sent me into the water. My dad, Ray spun EMERAUDE around and the crew snagged me out of the water. We continued on to 4th place. Needless to say, I will be wearing a PDF from now on. Falling off a boat is not just for the clumsy.

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