Oak Orchard Yacht Racing is open to all PHRF sailboats. It is not necessary to be affiliated with a yacht club to be able to take part.

Generally, sailboats that are twenty feet or more in length with a keel have a rating through this system. List of PHRF sailboats (pdf).
Cost to join the the fleet at the present time is $30.00 and covers both series. 

See Schedule tab for race dates and times
Very General View of Racecourse

If interested contact:

John Brown - OOYC Fleet Captain 
4588 Conway Rd.
E. Bethany, NY 14054

Email - johnbrown2@rochester.rr.com

History Then and Now: 
Oak Orchard Yacht Racing is comprised of a small but dedicated group of sailors that races on Lake Ontario's south shore at Point Breeze and Oak Orchard on the Lake. Sailboat racing has been held in this location from before the 1930s, but it wasn't until the rise of Snipe racing in the late 30s that a small group of sailors created the Oak Orchard Yacht Club to foster the sport. Oak Orchard Yacht Club continued to support sailboat racing until its decline in the 1990s. In 2009 an effort was begun to reintroduce racing. Today's racing allows members and non-members to enjoy racing and a slow resurgence of the sport has begun. 

Oak Orchard River and Point Breeze, N.Y.

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