Thursday, July 26, 2012

Point Breeze Yacht Club - Racing History

I'm not sure of the circumstances that lead to the creation of yacht racing at PBYC, but I do remember the wonderful time I had almost twenty years ago racing with the club. I raced my wooden 1958 Knarr sailboat, Arbor Love. At the same time, sailboat racing at Oak Orchard Yacht Club was going strong, and some folks belonged to both clubs and would sail in both races. Back in 1993, I was able to join PBYC for $50, the same price my grandfather paid to join OOYC in the 1950s. This may have been an influential part of the decision to race at PBYC for sailboat owners that were interested in mainly racing over other club activities and amenities.

Someone might be able to help fill in the gaps of the history of PBYC racing. I do have all the race times and finishes for the 1993 season, but I'm not sure that there was ever another season of racing.

Here are the overall standings for the 1993 Yacht Racing Series at Point Breeze Yacht Club:

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