Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Local sailing legend to retire

Local sailing legend, Bruce Franklin announced his retirement from yacht racing at Oak Orchard, but will continue to support the program in another capacity. Franklin stated that he made his decision to retire "after a long hard look." "I like the idea of sailing," Franklin went on to explain, "It's the actual sailing part that I need to give up. I'm going to continue to watch sailing; I love that. But, the actual pulling lines, tangling them around my feet, and putting over-rides on winches while trying to protect my head -- that part needs to stop." 

Skipper Ray Leonard commented on Franklin's decision, "He's a vital part Emeraude's crew, and I think other crew members look to Bruce to draw the heat off themselves when things get tense out there. I'm not saying that he's a whipping boy - because we don't actually whip the crew anymore. But, I'd say he was very important to crew morale." 

Franklin has requested to fulfill a very important role as the Committee Cottage. "I've got a really good vantage point to watch the races from my front deck." he explains. "I would like to run the races from my front lawn where I can keep track of the racing or take a walk if I want. I really only have to pay attention during the starts and finishes; that I can do."

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  1. To the retired legend,

    You have run the race with excellence. Keep your eyes on the finish line Papa. We love and appropriate you.

    The Florida Crew